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About Me

I'm a 33 year old American Lady, resident in the United Kingdom for nearly seven years. Many people find my accent engaging and sexy! I've got long, curly brown hair, deep brown eyes, and a curvy but firm figure.

I've got a sharp wit, a dry sense of humour, and a friendly and chatty personality. BDSM and fetish are My greatest passions in life and I spend lots of time socialising, playing and just hanging out with My friends on the public BDSM scene in the Southwest. Besides kink, My interests include cooking, singing and photography.

As a Mistress, I am warm and engaging and always ready with a smile, but I am intensely strict and sadistic. I get a deep rush from taking control and always push the limits of My submissives and slaves. In role play scenarios, My acting experience takes over and I can become a stern headmistress, a demanding lady boss, a sadistic doctor, a wicked aunt figure, or anything else we can imagine.

I am constantly reading about and practicing new forms of kink and fetish, and I session very regularly so am always improving My skills and techniques. My clients are nearly all regular repeat clients, a wonderful opportunity for each of us to deepen our connection.