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Slave Training

Chastity and Key Holding - I am happy to put you into chastity - bring your own device or I can advise you on the best device to purchase. I ama very controlling and teasing keyholder and you can expect regular contact with me while I tease you and laugh at your frustration!

Maid Training - Clean my kitchen, bathroom and salon all dressed as my slutty maid, while I firmly correct you and humiliate you as you try to please me! Serve me tea and be my foot stool while I amuse myself. Yiou may be partially restrained or even plugged to make your work that much more distracting..

Slut Training - Learn to take my fingers, toys, and big, realistic-feeling strap on cock in your mouth, arse and fanny - learn to please me like a real slut!

Foot Slave - Wash, rub and massage my feet, paint my toenails, put on my stockings and attach the suspenders, care for my shoes and put them on my creamy, shapely feet. When you are done I might stroke and slap you with my feet for my amusement, but if you make any mistakes you will be punished!

Slave Positions - I will strictly train you to be a beautiful object, holding yourself beautifully in position whil I inflict distracting pain and pleasure on you!