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Thank You also for 'attending' to me last night. You are clearly a 'natural' when it comes to taking charge and i was honoured to submit to You and be caned by You. i respond well to a confident Mistress who instinctively knows how to control a maid.  H, Plymouth

In a word wow, I am know within my local scene for being quite a heavy player with impact play I do not need to go all out each time but i like to be gone at hard, Mistress Magpie certainly delivered the goods, with more than just a firm hand and added some twists I was not expecting to.

I am a shy person by nature and to do some of what she suggested involved taking me out of my comfort zone, but the chat and coffee beforehand helped me feel at ease and I decided to take that chance and I will never look back, it was one of the best choices I made.

She is very creative and will deliver what you want and might throw in some things you may not have been expecting, my advice if you are umming and arring about it, is to take the chance you are in good hands and you may well discover something new about yourself.

A very satisfied Barry, Plymouth

I've had a day to process some of the lovely feelings and sensations I received yesterday, wow! and thank you :-) What stands out for me is the detail you gave prior to play and following, I felt very much reassured and relaxed, the opportunity to sit down and have a cuppa and a chat as well as undertake chores for you gave me the opportunity to feel relaxed and settle in before commencing play. I could imagine that for any nervous newbie what reassurance and relaxation this would provide them with. Equally winding down, cleaning your toys and a cuppa enabled me to come back down from where I was. To me it demonstrates skill, knowledge and understanding as well as your respect for me as a person, which is so important, and for someone new to a Mistress reassuring that I am serving you. I know you explained a lot of this to me when we met on Monday but its not often you meet someone where discussion and action match up. The variety of play felt perfect and being blinfolded for it was such an added turn on! The instruction - safe words, pain scale and checking in with me just added to my sense relaxation and trust in you. You said to me afterwards you enjoyed providing an experience and giving pleasure to others and I truly felt you did for me. Thank you Mistress and I look forward to our next encounter :-) S, Cornwall